Best Roller Skates for Wide Feet – Reviews & Buying Guide

Finding the best roller skates for wide feet is challenging when it comes to roller skating. The best fit means that you stand with your skates on and your toes just only touch your skate’s end. But it’d not be close-fitting to hurt your feet. In addition, All skaters are able to maintain control without creating pressure points thanks to a blend of mechanisms.

However, roller skating has made an enormous comeback in recent years, especially for youngsters as it is a great way to have fun around. So, if you’re taking up skating as your new hobby, then you may be on the skating market for a few roller skates to best fit your needs.

Today, we will discuss the Best Roller Skates for Wide Feet. This guide will surely help you to find the best roller skates.

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Roller Skates:

Roller-skates are a type of shoe with four wheels, two in front and two in back, that are worn to allow people to roll along on smooth surfaces. The wheels are attached to the sole of the shoe using a metal plate, and they can be engaged and disengaged using a button or lever. Roller skates are a popular form of recreation, exercise, and transportation.

Best Roller Skates for Wide Feet

Finding the best size that perfectly fits you will ensure that you roll smoothly without any injury to your feet. Here is the Best Roller Skate for Wide Feet that we’ve tested and reviewed as well. Take a look:

MOXI Panther Roller-Skate:

MOXI Panther Roller-Skate

MOXI panther roller-skates are built using the same reinforcement as the Jungle and Beach Bunny roller-skates which makes them versatile on the streets, bike lanes, and at the parks as well. However, The panther swapped out the skates’ vinyl uppers for real suede that had been hand-sorted and drum-dyed.

In addition, genuine suede allows these roller skates to provide a perfect fit and additional abrasion resistance on both rough and hard surfaces. Moreover, the suede also gives roller skates a colorfast or rich look. It comes with marvel aluminum plates which make the skates classy as well as rough.

However, the high-rebound and soft wheels have a hardness of 78-A with a diameter of 58-millimeter which makes them ideal for outdoor surfaces.

Furthermore, your feet will be comfortable skating in these MOXI panther skates, because it has a curved collar. MOXI panther also has ankle padding. The final look of these MOXI panther skates is finished with panther-print laces.

Note that, these MOXI panther skates are only made in men’s sizes. To make sizing easier, the size on the shoe has an equivalent for women in parenthesis.


  • Classy and rich-look
  • Ideal for wide feet
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Provide smooth ride
  • High-rebound
  • Soft wheels
  • Marvel aluminum plates


  • Only for men’s

VNA Parfait Skates

Best Roller Skates for Wide Feet

VNA Parfait roller skates have been specially designed for wide feet with insoles available for those people that badly require a narrower fit. However, finding the best or most comfortable fit for your feet is the best deal easier. Not to mention, you can simply follow your original boot sizing.

Moreover, these VNA roller skates boast a considerable level of padding inside the boot and this makes them more comfortable. Note that, you can skate without any discomfort.

Additionally, there are plenty of the lightest roller skates that I have tested which makes them ideal for beginners, not adults. There’s no effort required in taking off.

However, the only downside of these roller skates is that these skates made of microfiber, which is why they can scuff easily.


  • Designed for wide feet
  • Ideal for beginners and women
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Comfortable padded


  • Boots can get scuffed easily

Things To Consider Before Buying the Best Roller Skates For Wide Feet

Best Roller Skates for Wide Feet

Here is a complete buying guide on how to choose the best roller skates for wide feet.


Most people are stuck on this question: are roller skate size the same as regular shoes? Yes, skate sizes are also the same as regular shoes. So, simply take a deep look at each skate’s model sizing chart and choose the size recommended for you. For example, if you’re a size 8, then simply pick a size-8 wide-width skate.

In addition, the sizing chart above tells you what roller skates to choose in the United States Of America, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Mondo men’s and ladies’ roller skate sizes.

Shoe Material:

Shoe material is also an essential consideration as it’ll affect price and performance. For roller-skaters with wide feet, leather, and genuine suede are the most popular choices out there. This’s because these materials fit perfectly to your feet as you skate regularly.

Additionally, these materials are also too much expensive. On the other hand, affordable materials include synthetic boots.

And, these materials would not break in significantly after you have purchased them meaning they can not mold to your foot. These materials also have a larger chance of causing damage to roller-skaters with wide feet.

Boot Design:

The boots for skates can be both high or low-cut. The high-cut boost for roller skates offers more ankle protection. On the other hand, low-cut boots offer you fast speed. Low cut also has low ankle protection. Moreover, low-cut boots offer more motion with longer strides.

Skate Brand:

The brand is also an important factor when choosing the best roller skates for wide feet. It is true that brands have control in the market and they need to ensure that the products they manufacture have to be the best because of competition.

Because the little defect may cause thousands of dollars and simply add to that competitor’s targeted marketing on the defect.

That’s why brands play a very important role when buying skates for wide feet. The brands have the best quality control as well as a quality check. This makes sure that the products they manufacture follow a standard.

Final words:

Our choice for the best roller skates for wide feet is MOXI panther Roller skates, because they are super comfortable, durable, and provide a smooth ride.

Additionally, MOXI Panther skates are also made of genuine suede meaning that they’ll serve you longer throughout skating adventures as it’s resistant to both rough and hard surfaces. However, other roller-skates options are also available in the skating market.

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