Salt Pellets VS Salt Crystals | A Guide

There are various types of water softeners. However, water softeners come in two varieties. The first is salt pellets and the other is a salt crystals water softener. However, if you want to soften your home water, keep your water softer, and save money, then you probably wondering whether salt pellets or salt crystals will surely help you best do

Does Your Body Retain Water When Sick – A Guide

Does your body preserve water when you are sick? The answer to this question can be very confusing because nobody knows about it. So, what do we all know about does our body retain water when we’re ill. In this guide, we will discuss does your body retain water when Sick. Water Retention: Water retention is the accumulation of water

What Anode Rod to Use with Water Softener

It is essential for house owners who’ve softened water to use anode rods for their systems. We recommend you a magnesium anode rod because it is the best option for water softening. But magnesium anode rod is a little more expensive than aluminum and zinc anode rod. The magnesium anode rod will help to prevent corrosion and extend the life

Hyundai Blue Link Not Working – Fixed!

Hyundai Blue Link Not Working

Automotive technology has evolved a lot in the past decades. Demonstrating solid usability, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made its way to your car. Blue link is one the best artificial intelligence (AI) software that makes the vehicle experience much better. But we have seen many people complaining online that their Hyundai blue not working? You do not need to worry;

What Happens If You Drink Mold Water – USblog Health Guide

What Happens If You Drink Moldy Water

Water professionals do not recommend drinking water from a moldy bottle, as the mold present can travel inside your whole body and make you sick or ill. They declare water bottle mold dangerous as it may mold poisoning, nausea, diarrhea, etc. You can detect mold in your drinking water from the musty odor in your tap water in your faucets.