The major distinction between a fat bike and a mountain bike is the width of the tires. Fat bike tires are three.8″-five.2″ (96-132mm) huge. For comparison, well-known mountain bike tires are 1.9″-2.6″ (48-66mm) huge. mountain bike and fat bike both are famous on their on.

To accommodate such huge tires, fats bikes want wider tires than mountain bikes. Fat bike rims are 55mm or wider, with 65mm being the maximum not unusual place. Most mountain bike rims are around 30mm huge. Fat bike tires are 26″ or 27. five” in diameter.

With the excessive extent of tires, the wheels are comparable in diameter to the 29er wheels which can be not unusual place on contemporary-day mountain bikes. Fat bike frames want more clearance so huge tires do not rub.

To resolve this problem, producers make the fork legs in addition to the chainstays and chainstays wider. This makes the wheelbase large on fats bikes than on mountain bikes. Fat bikes use huge hubs that degree 170-190mm. For comparison, well-known mountain bikes use 142mm hubs.

Because the tires and rear hub spacing are so huge, the lowest bracket and crankshaft want to be wider as well. These movements the chaining far from the body so the chain does not flip at a severe angle.

100mm backside brackets and 100mm axle backside brackets have come to be well known on fats bikes. Some producers (together with Surly) are transferring to 132mm backside brackets and cranks. For comparison, maximum mountain bikes use 68mm or 73mm backside bracket shells.

Another massive distinction between fats bikes and mountain bikes is the strain at which the tires paintings. Fat Bike tires can run at a very low strain of five to fourteen psi (0.34 to 0. ninety-seven bar).

For comparison, maximum cyclists run their mountain bike tires at 22-25 psi (1.five-2.four bar). This is feasible due to the fact fat tires are so cumbersome that they might not hit the lowest or the tire in case you hit an obstacle.

Advantages of Fat Biking


Traction on a fat bike is better. This is specifically proper for traction on climbs. Fat bike tires can help you journey at low strain. The decreased strain lets the tires paste to the ground. So while you’re climbing, the bike does lots of paintings for you.

Frame flexibility

The fat bike body lets you run fat tires, however additionally 29er and 27+ wheels and tires. This lets you transform your fat bike right into a mountain bike if the event requires it. It additionally lets you have bikes in one.

Wheel extent

The big extent of the wheels and the low strain of the wheels could make you experience as in case you are floating on the ground. The rocks and roots that hit you on a mountain bike are slightly felt on the fat bike. The excessive extent and coffee strain also is a bonus in turns that on occasion need to be executed downhill.

You can journey fats bikes all year spherical in all climate conditions

If you stay in a snowy climate, you will in all likelihood save your bike for the wintry weather after the primary snowfall. A fats bike lets you journey a motorbike three hundred and sixty-five days a yr rather than 7-8. Fat bikes manage snow and ice surprisingly well. After all, that is what they had been designed for within side the first place.

You can use slim wheels to make the bike multipurpose

Most fat bike tires are slim and sufficient to suit 2-three-inch mountain bike tires. Alternatively, you may purchase an extra set of wheels with narrower rims so that you can suit 27+, 29er, or 29+ tires instead.

Basically, this turns your fats bike right into an everyday mountain bike. You can without difficulty transfer among your massive wheels and your MTB wheels relying upon the using conditions.

This makes fats bikes surprisingly versatile. For example, on an afternoon while you plan to journey at the highway, you may make your tires narrower and run them at better air strain.

Fewer damaged spokes and damaged rims

Large, excessive-extent tires act as surprise absorbers. The rims and spokes have little or no effect while you hit something over a pothole or fall off a ledge. Wide rims also are structurally more potent than MTB rims due to the fact they have got a lot extra material.

Also, fats bikes regularly have smaller diameter tires (normally 26″ or 27. five”). These smaller diameter wheels use shorter spokes which can be structurally more potent than the longer spokes used on 29er wheels.

Disadvantages of the fats bike

Replacement Fat Bike Parts Can Be Hard to Find

Fat bikes use non-trendy-sized tires, rims, hubs, backside brackets, and cranks. If any of those components fail or want to get replaced whilst riding, you could have a hassle locating a replacement. Many bike stores do now no longer convey fat bike components.

This is in a particular complex in case you are biking or visiting the growing United States of America or far-off area. For example, in case you damage a tire or blow a tire whilst biking within side the Andes, you could tour to the closest capital or maybe a tour to some other United States of America to shop for the components you want.

Even in growing countries, fat bike components may be difficult to find. If you stay in a small city or rural area, you could want to reserve your components online.

Fat bikes are inefficient due to the fact fat tires create loads of rolling resistance.

Wide low-strain tires deform with inside the touch patch, so extra rubber comes into touch with the floor. This creates loads of friction, which slows you down and wastes electricity. Wide tires additionally create extra air resistance while touring at excessive speeds.

You want to dissipate extra electricity to defeat the resistance. Also, fats bikes are heavier. More electricity is wanted to boost up the extra mass. Fat bike tires do not preserve velocity in addition to harder, narrower mountain bike tires so you must pedal harder.

When you prevent pedaling, you sluggish down quicker. Riding a fat bike will burn extra electricity and cowl much less the floor than on a mountain bike. For this reason, fats bikes aren’t best for long-distance rides, except if you intend to spend a maximum of a while driving off-road.

Fat bikes are heavy

Extra huge tires and wheels have extra material, which makes them weigh extra. A trendy mid-variety fats bike weighs around 33 to forty pounds. The lightest fat bikes with carbon fiber frames weigh around 30 pounds.

For comparison, the common mountain bike weighs around 30 pounds, with the lightest fashions weighing around 22 pounds. The greater weight reduces performance and makes the bike bulkier to experience.

Fat bikes are sluggish

The greater rolling resistance created through the huge, low-strain tires slows it down considerably. Especially while riding at the highway. You cannot boost up as rapidly and could keep a decreased common velocity while driving a fat bike. Y

you’ll spend extra time inside the saddle to cowl the identical floor as on a mountain bike. This may be a hassle in case you’re driving with buddies who experience quicker bikes.

Fat bikes are much less maneuverable

Bulky and heavy tires and wheels make guidance much less responsive. This makes it extra tough to navigate technical terrain. The huge tires and body make the bike a chunk bulky. You can not abuse a fat bike like you could abuse a mild mountain bike.

Frame alternatives are extra limited

Fat bikes are a small area of interest in biking. Most foremost bike producers most effective provide one or fashions of fats bikes. If you stroll into your common bike shop, you may see some fat bikes, but dozens of mountain bikes. In a small bike shop, you could now no longer see large bikes.

That said, the fats bike is developing in popularity. Fat bikes are supplied through each foremost bike producer at this point, together with Trek, Surley, Giant, Kona, Salsa, Specialized, KHS, and extra. There are many fats bike alternatives out there, however, you could now no longer be capable of getting precisely what you need out of your favored producer.


Generally, a fat bike expenses extra than a similar mountain bike. The extra fee comes from unique additives like tires, rims, and hubs. Most of the extra fee comes from the tires. Quality fat bike tires are expensive. In a few cases, they fee extra than automobile tires.

Rims additionally upload large fees. They ought to be manufactured from strong, light-weight substances so they’re now no longer too heavy. These forms of substances are expensive. Additional hardware additionally provides a fee.

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