Lawn care is a year-spherical duty in an area like Atlanta, Georgia, which generally stories the handiest moderate wintry weather temperatures. At the stop of summer, for example, it’s far extraordinarily critical to begin considering how you may deal with your garden within side the fall.

With garden care, what we do now will produce a beautiful, lush, inexperienced garden in subsequent years. With the appearance of a bloodless climate in Georgia, households are dropping their wintry weather clothing, the warmth is on in our homes, and our gardens additionally want unique coaching and maintenance.

Here are a few wintry weather garden care coaching tips

Remove particles

Remove leaves, tree branches, and different natural particles out of your garden. Leaving particles, leaves, fallen tree limbs, etc. at the back can motivate disease, micro organisms and suffocate your garden. Let your garden breathe!

Excess of water

Be cautious and take a look at your sprinkler gadget due to the fact it is smooth to over-water within side the wintry weather in case you preserve your automated sprinkler gadget at the equal time table year-spherical.

Make certain your sprinkler gadget is changed for the best quantity of water needed. Standard watering is one inch of water in step per week at some point in the wintry weather months.

Lawn visitors

Avoid or lessen heavy visitors to the garden. Instead of on foot on the grass, use the sidewalks or storage to get into your house. During the wintry weather, the grass turns dormant and is vulnerable and brittle. Lawns are extra liable to harm from morning frosts.


Weeds can nonetheless thrive within side the bloodless wintry weather months so that you can constantly observe weed manage to cast off the weed problem.


Aeration is first-class inside the fall or wintry weather, relying on the form of garden you’ve got created. It’s first-class to aerate tall fescue grass at some point of the wintry weather because it nonetheless takes root inside the fall months. Ask your garden care corporation for unique commands on your form of garden.

Maintenance of the prevailing garden

Depending on the temperatures, the form of climate, and the form of grass you’ve got on your property, you can want to preserve to keep your garden. Talk to a garden care corporation approximately edging, mowing, watering, aerating, weeding, etc. for a particular plan on your garden to attain the purpose of a lush, inexperienced and delightful garden through 2022.

How Core Aeration Helps Your Georgia Lawn

The first-class cause to aerate the garden is to alleviate soil compaction. When an aeration device gets rid of plugs of soil from the garden, it creates a pathway for water, vitamins, and oxygen to go into the garden.

Your lawn takes a beating at some point in spring and summer. From repeated mowing to heavy foot visitors, thatch builds up, and the soil compacts. This makes it tough for your garden to live healthfully because it cannot get the vital quantity of vitamins and oxygen to thrive.

Signs that your garden wishes aeration

If your garden is displaying the subsequent signs, it can be time to aerate the middle.

  • Brown/useless spots
  • Fluffy grass
  • Aeration system

To aerate the garden yourself, make certain to apply a device that gets rid of the middle of soil and now no longer simply spiked or spiked system. These appropriate portions of the system come in the shape of small transportable fashions to huge motorized machines. Your neighborhood garden and lawn delivery save may have a system for lease or purchase.

Cool-season or heat-season grass

The surest time to aerate the garden will depend upon whether or not it’s far from a cool-season or a heat-season garden. Cool-season grasses might be extra energetic inside the cooler months, at the same time as heat-season grasses might be extra energetic within side the hotter months. Your handiest need to aerate your garden while the grass is maximum energetic.

Cool Season Grass Types

  • Kentucky bluegrass
  • Tall fescue
  • Creeping purple fescue
  • Ryegrass

Warm Season Grass Types

  • grama
  • zoysia grass
  • Grass of St. Augustine


Georgia homes advantage from some of fundamental fall first-class practices so that it will assist preserve your panorama by searching its first-class year-spherical. These are our primary recommendations:


Most human beings in no way check their soil. This is a huge mistake due to the fact without checking out it’s far not possible to recognize what your soil wishes. Until you’re certain, there’s no manner of understanding in case your change and fertilization tries are vital or now no longer.

Otherwise, you may spend a whole lot of cash unnecessarily, or maybe unbalance your panorama. Since soil composition can alternate over time, we advise you to take a pattern of your soil and ship it to your neighborhood extension workplace for checking out every 3-four to years.


If your soil check suggests that the pH is just too low, fall is the proper time to use lime. It takes some months to accurate the pH, so liming your soil now will make certain surest outcomes while you plant subsequent spring.

Your trees, shrubs, flower beds, and lawns will all respect an awesome fall feed. Most of the soils in our location are too wealthy in phosphorus because of beyond agricultural practices.

Unless your soil check record recommends otherwise, choose a fertilizer that consists of very little phosphorous (the center-wide variety in your soil check). 15-0-15 is a great wager for maximum homes in our area.

Alternatively, you may do this natural method:

Cover your sheets

When the leaves begin to fall, do not trouble to rake. Instead, allow them to relax in which they land. Install a shredder blade in your mower and take a look at it each few days to a week. Your soil will clearly comprise the shredded leaves.

These are first-rate loose fertilizers and are top-notch soil builders. (Don’t watch for them to get thick and heavy, or you may make a couple of passes together along with your trimmer.)

A phrase of warning: Walnuts and walnuts have a chemical in their leaves referred to as juglone this is poisonous to many plants. (Tomatoes and different nightshades are particularly susceptible.) If you have many of these types of sheets on your property, you may want to avoid using this method.

We encourage the use of organic and natural products, so keep an eye out for a future article with more organic gardening tips for Georgia properties.


Are you planning large planting projects? Don’t take too long! Fall and early winter are the best times to plant trees and shrubs in the Southeast. The cool climate allows them to settle in low-stress conditions. Plan to put your woody plants in the ground by February.

After that, the plants start to come out of dormancy and will experience increased stress as the buds burst. For some trees and shrubs, fall is also a good time for light pruning as they begin to go dormant.

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