How To Change Input On Sceptre Monitor – 3 Ways Explained!

Sceptre monitor is the direct competitor of Sony monitors. A sceptre monitor can be connected via HDMI cable, VGA cable, DHCP, and DVI easily by changing some settings. So, carefully read this entire article on How To Change Input On Sceptre Monitor.

In the market, there’re plenty of the latest monitor screens that come with plenty of input methods such as HDM<I, VGA, DHCP, and DVI ports. But you don’t use all of them, because only one or two will mostly be used by a single person. It depends on the type of work.

However, you’ve to make sure that you only use the right ones to connect your monitor to a desktop or computer. Additionally, you can also use computer software interfaces during connectivity as there are plenty of them for this purpose.

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Sceptre Monitors:

Sceptre monitors are desktop or computer monitors recognized by Sceptre Inc, a leading tech company that has a strong command of audio and video products.  Sceptre monitors are available in plenty of sizes ranging from 19-inches to large 34-inches models.

Sceptre monitors feature a wide range of features including high-resolution screen display, slim profiles, and built-in speakers, which provide a better experience. Additionally, sceptre monitors are often praised for their value offering high performance for a reasonable price.

How To Change Input On Sceptre Monitor – 3 Ways

There are three ways to change the input on the sceptre monitor.

Via Buttons:

The first way is to use buttons on the front of the sceptre monitor. There’d be a button that clearly says “Input”. Pressing this (Input) button will cycle through the several inputs.

On-Screen Display (OSD):

The second way to change the input on the sceptre monitor is through the On-Screen display. To access this On-screen display (OSD) menu, press and hold the menu button for 5 to 10 seconds.

After this, use the up and down arrow buttons to navigate through the menus. Just select “Input selection” and then tap the Enter key. From here, you can easily select which input you want to use for your sceptre monitor.

Computer Settings:

The third way to change the input on the sceptre monitor is computer settings. If your monitor is connected to a computer, then you can easily change the input through the computer settings. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to start> control panel> screen display.
  • Beneath the select “Display” drop-down menu, simply select the monitor. And then click on the change display settings.
  • Beneath the display tab, find plenty of displays in a drop-down menu, and then select “duplicate all these displays”

This’ll surely duplicate your computer display.

How to Connect Personal Computer to a Sceptre Monitor

How To Change Input On Sceptre Monitor

As I told you earlier that the sceptre monitor has plenty of input options at the back of its screen. By using those input methods, you can easily connect your personal computer to a sceptre monitor.

However, the simplest or easiest way to do it using HDMI connectivity is just by pressing the source key. And, then select the HDMI option from the drop-down menu.

But you can also use any of the given methods to connect your personal computer to the sceptre monitor. Additionally, you can connect your monitor using any possible method, but the rarest one is HDMI connectivity.

Three Types Of Input On Sceptre Monitor

There are three main types of inputs on sceptre monitors including HDMI, VGA, and DVI. Each of these input types has its own use and purpose.


HDMI is the main input found on the latest or modern monitor. HDMI is capable of transmitting both audio signals and video signals. However, most HDMI cables will also be able to carry a higher resolution signal as compared to other types of inputs like VGA and DVI.


VGA is an analog video input that is mostly found on older monitors. VGA can only carry analog video signals. Note that, it will not be able to transmit audio signals unless it’s generally paired with an audio cable.


DVI is another type of input found on monitors. Basically, it is a digital video input standard. Just similar to HDMI, this DVI can also carry both digital video signals and audio signals.

However, DVI isn’t able to transmit data at a higher resolution as compared to HDMI. Note that, DVIs are not ideal for use of high-definition video sources.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do we change the input on our sceptre monitor?

There are multiple ways to change the HDMI input on the sceptre monitor. However, the most common way is to use buttons. You can find these buttons near the right-bottom side of the sceptre monitor.

Another way to change HDMI input on the sceptre monitor is to use the menu on your computer.

Why is the sceptre monitor not receiving the signals?

IF your sceptre monitor isn’t receiving the signals, then it is due to the connection that isn’t secure. The main cause of a movement not reaching a sceptre monitor is improperly connected HDMI as well as VGA cable. Reconnect HDMI or VGA cables, and make sure that they’re correctly seated in their own ports.

How do I know which input to select?

Each input on your sceptre monitor will have a corresponding label on the back of the monitor. Simply select the input that corresponds to the device. For example, if you’re using a computer and try to connect a computer, then select a “PC” input.

Final Words:

After reading this helpful guide, do you know how to change input on sceptre monitor? To make it simple for you, you can just press the source button at the back of the screen and simply select the multiple input methods, There’re plenty of input methods in monitors such as HDMI, VGA< DHCP< DVIs, etc.

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