How To Connect Samsung TV To WiFi Without A Remote – A Quick Guide

Smart TVs are not just called Smart TVs, they are smart in light of the fact that these smart TVs can be utilized in plenty of ways. Indeed, they can interface with the web and let you watch your number one substance and whatnot. Samsung has a wide scope of Smart TVs that are accessible across various price tags.

However,  the main disadvantage of Samsung’s Smart TVs is that they run on Tizen OS, an OS that is home worked by Samsung. Presently, we should investigate how to connect Samsung Smart TV to WiFi without a remote.

Additionally, the remote is a fundamental piece of any gadget. What’s more, with regards to any TV, it’s vital. You utilize the controller for the vast majority of fundamental functions changing the channels, exchanging inputs, setting up a wifi organization, and so on.

In any case, what happens when you do not have the remote? Imagine a scenario where you lost it, or it’s messed up and harmed someplace. Today, we will be taking looking at something almost identical. The guide will be about how to connect the Samsung Smart TV to a WiFi network without a TV Remote.

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Connect Samsung TV to WIFI without Remote

There are 3 unique ways you can follow to connect your Samsung TV to a WiFi network without the remote. You browse any of the 3 strategies referenced underneath.

Wired USB Mouse and Keyboard:

Pretty much every Samsung Smart TV out there will have at least two USB ports on the backboard. This is where things prove to be useful. You should simply connect your USB Mouse and Keyboard.

Once connected, you will actually want to explore the Settings page and have the option to associate with your WiFi organization.

Wireless USB Mouse and Keyboard

In the event that you do not have a wired USB Mouse and Keyboard, you can utilize a remote keyboard and mouse. In addition, you should simply connect the USB ports to the USB ports at the rear of the Samsung Smart TV.

With the gadget connected, you can just explore the Settings on the home screen and afterwards select Network too and presently, connect your Samsung Smart TV to a WiFi network, which is quite simple.

Xbox controllers:

Presently, assuming you are somebody that has an Xbox with them, you will undoubtedly have a wired or remote controller. This is an exceptionally basic and simple cycle. On account of remote controllers, just fit the ports into the USB port and enhancer your regulator.

With the wired controller, you can essentially plug it into the USB port and utilize the controller immediately too. With the controller, you will actually want to explore around through the home screen and, surprisingly, open the Settings screen to have the option to connect with the current as well as a new WiFi network.

How To Connect Samsung TV to WIFI Adapter

You will not need to physically do anything with this technique in light of the fact that Samsung TV will naturally connect with your Wi-Fi network. You should be certain that your switch has a “WPS” button for this clarification to work.

  • Select “WPS” from the network settings on your Samsung TV application and just press Next.
  • Your switch will consequently connect assuming you hold down the “WPS” button.

Samsung TVs have plenty of network issues. Many reports have of late been gotten from clients who cannot connect their Samsung TV to a WiFi network.


Furthermore, these are the straightforward and simple ways you can follow to connect your Samsung Smart TV to the WiFi network without a TV Remote. Presently, to utilize these sorts of devices, you can utilize Universal Remote Control easily. Moreover, a remote can be modified to work with practically any kind of TV expecting you to enter a code.

In addition, you can utilize the SmartThings App by Samsung on your Android and iOS gadgets. In any case, your Smart TV and your telephone should be connected with a remote network, which can be accomplished by utilizing a keyboard and mouse to set up the SmartThings App.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I turn our Samsung TV on with a mobile phone?

Open the SmartThings application on your telephone, and afterwards tap Menu. Tap All Devices, and afterwards select your TV or projector. An on-screen remote will show up in the application. The choices accessible on the remote will differ contingent upon the gadget.

How can I use the TV without a remote?
  • Peruse any manuals that came with your TV assuming you actually have them.
  • Check in the event that your TV has a noticeable touch power button. …
  • You must check both the left and right sides and the highest point of your TV. Note that, a few TVs have power buttons there.
What do you do if you use your Samsung TV remote?

In the event that users lose a Samsung TV remote, they have some control over it by utilizing the SmartThings application on their telephone. This will permit them to change the volume, change the channel, and fill different roles. Users can purchase a substitution remote web-based, contingent upon what sort of TV model was purchased.

Will universal remote work with Samsung Smart TV?

Most universal remotes will work with your Samsung smart TV or projector also, for example, those found on Amazon or perhaps even the far off that was included with your cable.

How can I press OK without pressing the remote button?

Both volume buttons can be utilized simultaneously. You can find the menu button on the television, Josh Paradise. While holding the menu button on the right half of the TV, I needed to press both the volume buttons simultaneously.

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