KOF MUGEN Cruelty Blood Rose Vs. Raisen Blood – Who is best?

KOF MUGEN is a fighting game popularly known for its brutal combat and intense physicality. While KOF MUGEN Cruelty Blood Rose Vs. Raisen Blood are two of the most powerful fighting characters in this game.

These two characters have been pitted against each other in a series of battles over the years, and the results have been varied. In this article, we are going to compare both these fighting characters by looking at their special moves, and fighting abilities.

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Who is Cruelty Blood Rose in KOF MUGEN?

KOF MUGEN Cruelty Blood Rose is a female fighting character with a powerful offense. She is known for her aggressive style and her ability to take out opponents quickly.

Her attacks are fast and powerful, and she often overwhelms her opponents with a flurry of strikes. In general words, her fighting approach is based on high aggression and rapid elimination.

Want to know more about the fighting style of Cruelty Blood Rose? We are here to tell you.

So, Cruelty Blood Rose’s biggest plus is her ability agility, and speed. She also has the ability to move around in order to distract her opponent, which further allows her to launch aerial attacks to catch opponents off guard.

Additionally, her special move “Spinning attack” makes her a very effective fighting character at dealing damage to multiple opponents simultaneously. This ability makes her a popular option for team battles.

When it comes to the weaknesses of Cruelty Blood Rose, she is not able to properly launch an attack on the opponent when she is in the air.

Additionally, relying strongly on aerial attacks makes her predictable. This means, if the opponent is able to predict her movement, they can effortlessly knock her out.

Who is Raisen Blood in KOF MUGEN?

Raisen Blood is a methodical fighter with a strong defense. He is a very powerful fighter who has the ability to utilize advanced weapon destructive tricks. Additionally, he is capable of blocking and parrying incoming attacks, allowing him to control the pace of the battle.

When it comes to Raisen Blood’s fighting style, he relies heavily on his combos that do the job when launched from close range.

Additionally, with his special moves such as a “lunging punch”, he can attack opponents from a fair distance. He also has a very effective move “spinning kick” which he uses to knock opponents on their feet.

However, the only downside of Raisen Blood’s character is that he lacks mobility. He isn’t as fast as Cruelty Blood Rose and other fighting characters of KOF MUGEN. Additionally, his combos rely heavily on proper timing and distance.

KOF MUGEN Cruelty Blood Rose Vs. Raisen Blood – Basics

Most may readers may know that KOF MUGEN was developed by Team Ninja. While the NEOGEO version was released in the year 1998. But now, it is ported to numerous gaming platforms. Fighting characters from the King of Fighters Series and as well as those that are specifically created for the game are included in KOF MUGEN.

A special energy gauge meter called “Power” serves as the foundation of how the game operates. The “Power”” energy gauge meter will decrease when the assault on the fighter character increases by the opponent.

However, it is also possible to increase the power by either making counter-attacks on yours. However, some powerful moves require and also take a particular amount of your fighting character as well.

Moreover, your fighting character’s power can also momentarily increase if you keep winning matches and setting new high scores. That’s why, KOF MUGEN contains a number of different battle arenas, and each arena contains a unique map and different sorts of monsters.

The objective of every arena is to defeat every monster and proceed to the next level. To win games, you have to defeat different bosses at each level.

Connection B/W These Two characters – Cruelty Blood Rose & Raisen Blood

As we have already at the start of this article, the battles between both of these fighting titans are renewed for being very popular and challenging in the King of Fighters Game.

Kyo Kusanagi Vs. Lori Yagami and K9999 Vs. King of Fighters XIV’s Raisen is considered two of the game’s most challenging battles. In these battles, even the most experienced players struggled.

Two strong fighters in both of these fights have shown different fighting styles. For instance, Lori Yagami has the ability to quickly knock out his opponents by quickly launching combos. While on the other hand, Kyo Kusanagi takes his time to inflict damage.

When it comes to K9999 and King of Fighters XIV’s Raisen, both of these fighting characters are much more dissimilar from each other. K9999 is a character with all about power and moves, while Raisen XIV specializes in long-range attacks and combos.

Cruelty Blood Rose Vs Raisen Blood – Which one is better?

It depends on the situation and the player’s own preference. If the player is looking for a more aggressive style, Cruelty Blood Rose might be the better choice as it can quickly overwhelm the opponent.

On the other hand, if the player is looking for a more defensive style, Raisen Blood is the better choice as it can control the pace of the match and force the opponent into making mistakes.

Final Words

Choosing between Cruelty Blood Rose and Raisen Blood in KOF MUGEN is ultimately a personal decision. It is important to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each playstyle and decide which one best fits the player’s own style of play. With the right character and the right strategy, players can use either playstyle to great effect in KOF MUGEN.

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