Perhaps the largest benefit of metal fence posts is price financial savings over wooden posts; however, the rate is not the best benefit metallic has over wooden or vinyl. They are smooth to put in, closing a good deal longer than handled wooden, and may be located exceptionally without difficulty whilst folded.

They are a flexible alternative for chain hyperlink fences, wooden fences, or different sorts of fences that want to be sturdy and sturdy. Be positive to pick out terrific metal fence posts, as metal is liable to rust if now no longer galvanized.


They are less complicated and quicker to repair within side the floor and also are versatile.

Typically used together with chain hyperlink fencing, metal fence posts also can paintings amazingly properly with wooden fence panels. Like wood posts, they may be sunk at once into concrete, giving them delivered electricity, however, this isn’t commonly vital.

As lengthy as they may be deep sufficient inside the floor, they’ll stay flawlessly nonetheless for plenty of years. That said, if metal posts are utilized in protection fencing, it is probably an awesome concept to set them in concrete for delivered electricity.

Are metallic fence posts greater long-lasting?



Wooden fence posts have a restricted lifespan. The wooden will normally close between five and 10 years, relying on how its miles are cared for.


Concrete is a sturdy constructing material, which could close approximately 20 years (two times the duration of a wood fence publish!)

But concrete fence posts are nonetheless liable to harm and erosion. High winds and rain can momotivatehips and cracks in concrete posts. When this happens, the metallic body may be uncovered to the elements, weakening the fence publish.


Steel fence posts offer a sturdy sturdy fence on your property. Durapost is crafted from cold-rolled galvanized metal that is assured to last as long as 25 years.

You could have already changed your wood fence a minimum of two times all through this period! DuraPost is fabricated from galvanized metal and may not rot, crack or peel like concrete or wooden fence posts. It also can face up to finishes up to a hundred and ten mph, making it the maximum long-lasting form of fence published.

Are Metal Fence Posts More Cost-Effective?


Many owners choose wood fence posts because of their exceptionally low prices. A much less luxurious fence may also to begin with seem greater attractive.

However, it could want to get replaced a couple of instances over the years, and the choice that initially regarded greater luxury could have been greater price-powerful overall. This applies to wood fence publish systems.


Like wooden, concrete fence posts are a less expensive short-time period alternative. But because of their vulnerability to put on and tear, concrete fence posts additionally come at an excessive price over their lifetime.


Metal fence posts require a better preliminary price than wooden fence posts, that is why a few owners are, to begin placed off.

But DuraPost gives a far decreased lifetime price. With as much as a 25-12 month’s assurance and unrivaled electricity and durability, DuraPost gives a less expensive fencing machine that may not want to get replaced each time soon. Investing in metallic fence posts may also set you again, to begin with, however, it is a profitable investment.

Metal fence posts closing longer

With the everyday renovation, a pressure-handled 4×4 publish designed to keep up a correspondence with the floor will close in about 15 years. But the fact is that maximum people do now no longer do the vital renovation to have that life.

You want to hold the wood fence publish dry. Don’t water the fence, hold the sprinkler talked about and make certain the floor is a degree so there aren’t any puddles across the publish. Keep plants trimmed to lessen moisture and bug harm.

Clean your wooden fence yearly to eliminate mold and re-deal with the publish with a wooden preservative. Avoid unfavorable the floor of your publish (scratches from edgers are common) and eliminate broken regions after they occur.

If that feels like loads to hold a tune with, it’s miles, and maximum people do not do the simple renovation.

Disadvantages of metal fence posts

If you suspect that steel fence posts are unattractive, the posts can be easily hidden behind a wood facade made of 2×4 boards. By hiding the steel posts, they won’t detract from the natural Fence factor. You can find tall post brackets that have extra-long tabs to cover the metal posts.

Since the wooden facade is on the ground, it is much less likely to rot and be affected by wood problems. If you need to transform a series hyperlink fence into a wooden or private fence, your present metal posts can now and again be used inside the new design.

However, in case you’re thinking about prefab panels, the gap might not be paintings. If you want to put in extra helps among present metal studs, the undertaking might not supply the favored price financial savings. You may want to eliminate present posts in case you need to construct a taller fence.

Wood fences are attractive, however, in case you need your wooden fence to be long-lasting, sturdy, and lengthy-lasting, it is an awesome concept to apply metal posts whilst you deplumation it.

In maximum cases, you may hold the appearance of the wooden fence and advantage extra electricity with the aid of using the usage of metal posts. The integrated advantages and aggressive price make metal posts a terrific preference for residential fences, privacy fences, or protection fences.

A point

If you’re going to use metal in your fence posts, you want to ensure it’s far galvanized. Galvanizing is a method that basically coats the steel with a chemical that forestalls rusts those results in rust. Once processed (normally earlier than purchase) you may by no means do something with it again.

This isn’t like timber, which has to be often stained and dealt with to save it from drying out rotting, or splintering. As already mentioned, metal fence posts are price powerful to shop for in comparison to different kinds of posts and inside the occasion that a submit does end up bent, it could in maximum instances be bent and molded into the vicinity without inflicting weakness structural.

In addition, thinner metal fence posts also can be bought in case you need to apply them for lightweight fencing, including in gardens or to outline borders. These are normally even cheaper.

Will metal posts detract from the advent of a timber fence?

Cascade Fence and Deck makes use of PostMaster metal posts. Unlike well-known steel posts, PostMaster brackets may be camouflaged on any of our cedar fence designs. The metal is normally hidden among and at the back of the fence boards. The posts will paintings on privateers fences, rail fences, and pretty much any kind of timber fence design. Once the fence is complete, you may handiest see stunning herbal timber.

What approximately stress dealt with lumber?

Pressure-dealt with lumber has been used for many years in residential and business fencing. The timber resists rot due to the fact it’s far dealt with with a compound of fungicides and pesticides. In 2003, stress-dealt with lumber producers agreed to forestall the usage of compounds containing arsenic. Arsenic is a poison. It can seep into the floor and unfold to humans.

Today stress-dealt with lumber does now no longer comprise arsenic. This kind of timber is right for positive applications. However, for fence posts, metal is desired as it lasts longer. Cascade’s handiest purchases stress-dealt with lumber from providers that use environmentally accountable methods.

Are metal posts secure for gardens?

Steel and cedar are excellent alternatives for fencing the garden. They are secure for domestic gardens and licensed natural gardens.

Cedar is a herbal material. It isn’t always dealt with chemicals. It protects each from rot and bugs way to the herbal compounds inherent inside the timber. Wood isn’t always perfect for fence posts. Even cedar and stress-dealt with lumber have a tendency to rot while buried within the side of the floor.

Products can’t be USDA licensed natural if they may be grown on soil that comes in touch with stress-dealt with timber. Although many humans agree that modern-day stress-dealt with lumber is secure, natural certification locations strict regulations on chemically dealt with products.

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