The Best PC Cases Under 100 Euros – A Guide

PC cases are a dime a dozen. It is really difficult to filter out the most suitable model from the multitude of offers. We want to show you a small overview and selection of good, recommendable PC cases and thus help you with your purchase decision.

In order to maintain an overview and to be able to meet the various interests, we divide our proposals into the areas of design housing, simple and soundproof housing. The PC cases selected by our editors are all midi towers and support the ATX format. CPU coolers with a height of up to 16 centimeters also fit into all proposals.

However, the exact specifications, dimensions, and weight can be found on the linked product pages.

Design case:

We call design cases striking models that have already been modded with illuminated fans ex works. Our first recommendation is the Kolink Void Rift, which only comes with an RGB fan ex-works, but offers a front with an infinity mirror and of course, follows the real glass trend.

CPU coolers fit up to 165 mm in height. The Antec NX 410 is also worth recommending. This case has a tempered glass side panel, and three ARGB 120 mm fans in the mesh front and back. The appealing look with enough space for current hardware is available for a very attractive price.

If you want something of higher quality and class, then the Fractal Design Pop Air is certainly a good choice. The both simple and noble design impresses with clear lines, optionally with RGB lighting, good equipment, and enough space for current hardware. The midi tower is available in many variants.

KOLINK VOID RIFT black Best offer from:86.40€incl. Shipping 9 more prices and providers Antec NX410 NX-Series Mid-Tower Gaming Case Best offer from:82.29€incl. Shipping 11 other prices and providers Fractal Design Pop Air Best offer from:87.30€incl.

Shipping 70 more prizes and providers Can’t find the right case? Here you will find all design midi towers up to 100 euros.

simple housing:

For those who like things to be more straightforward and classy, a simple case should be ideal. In the range of just under 60 euros, the Sharkoon Pure Steel should be highlighted. The reason for this is not least the consistently good equipment, the elegant look, and the workmanship at the price.

The Kolink Stronghold has been in our price comparison for a long time. For just over 50 euros you get an eye-catching midi tower with a simple look.

For a fair purchase price, there is a real glass side window and two 120 mm fans ex works. The workmanship is of a good standard and the space for current hardware is quite sufficient compared to the relatively compact dimensions. The case is available in black or white.

Last but not least, the Fractal Design Pop Silent Black Solid is recommended. You will hardly find more simplicity on the market at the moment. It also offers a lot of space without RGB fuss and side windows.

For just over 70 euros, an absolute recommendation on our part. Sharkoon PURE STEEL Best offer from: €69.84 incl. Shipping 48 other prices and providers KOLINK STRONGHOLD Best offer from €52.95 incl. Shipping 25 other prices and providers Fractal Design Pop Silent Black Solid (FD-C-POS1A-01) Best offer from:87.89€incl. Shipping 10 more prizes and providers

Insulated housing:

For those who feel disturbed by the slightest noise, we have put together a small selection of factory-insulated PC cases. The Fractal Design Pop Silent is our first recommendation for entering the insulated housing world. The BeQuiet Pure Base 600 is available with comparable features and at the same price.

The inexpensive version of the BeQuiet Silent Base 600 is available for just under 70 euros and has a lot to offer at this price – also in four different versions with and without side windows. The Pure Base 500 from BeQuiet should not be missing from our recommendations for insulated cases up to 100 euros. It offers plenty of space and freedom when installing hardware, looks good, and insulates effectively.

There are a total of six models to choose from – three color variations, each with or without a window. Fractal Design Pop Silent Best offer from:84.41€incl. Shipping 38 other prices and providers Be-Quiet! Pure Base 600 Best offer from:92.71€incl.

Shipping 119 other prices and providers Be-Quiet! Pure Base 500 Best offer from:85.50€incl. Shipping 170 more prices and providers Can’t find the right case? Here you will find all insulated midi towers up to 100 euros.

Of course, the above overview cannot serve all tastes and preferences. If you still haven’t found the right housing, we certainly still have it in our housing category listed. Our other purchase advice: Big Tower Midi Tower up to 30 EuroCube housing

Is your favorite not included? Which housing should also be included here and why?

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