Which Keyboard Is The Best For Me?

If you want to buy a new keyboard, you are spoiled for choice. Several hundred models from countless manufacturers are waiting for their customers. The cheapest representatives are already available for less than 10 euros. However, exclusive designs can quickly cost more than 200 euros.

But a keyboard doesn’t just have to be the communication interface to the PC, it can also be extremely convenient for the user and make work on the PC much easier for him, for example, with programmable keys, an ergonomic design, or a pleasant keystroke.

What do you have to pay attention to before buying?

Even if the old keyboard that came with the last PC might still work: The right keyboard can not only make working on the PC easier but also prevent signs of fatigue or even pain in the hand. However, there is no one perfect keyboard.

No keyboard can cover all needs equally well, so a willingness to compromise is required. Everyone has different needs and a different understanding of a perfect keyboard. Which keys and which material one feels comfortable with can differ completely from user to user.

The more wishes you have for a keyboard, the higher the price will ultimately be. The first thing to do is to decide on a keyboard type. Should the keys be flat like on a notebook or high like on conventional keyboards?

Should the keystroke be light or rather hard? Does the keyboard have to be quiet? Do you need extras like multimedia buttons to control video and audio players or programmable keys? These are essential questions to ask before purchasing the keyboard.

Of course, the area of application is also important: Is there a lot of writing or mainly playing? Should the keyboard be wired or wireless? But individual writing behavior is also of crucial importance.

For example, if the numeric keypad is used frequently, the new keyboard should also have one. Ideally, you should try out different types of keyboards from different manufacturers and with different key technologies to find the best type for you.

Another very important factor in keyboards is the pressure point of the keys. It is often only after buying a keyboard that you realize that everything actually fits, but a good typing feel simply does not want to arise due to the unusual and perhaps bad pressure point.

Here it is important to test before buying whether the pressure point is comfortable for writing or suitable for everyday use. Normal users and those who type a lot, in particular, usually attach great importance to good keystrokes.

Others, on the other hand, prefer a keyboard with macro functions, i.e. programmable keys that can save a lot of time in more complex applications, such as image processing or 3D programs. Depending on the model, this can be set via the driver or directly in the hardware.

Gamers can also benefit from macro keys, for example, if they put several commands on one key in strategy games. Players also attach great importance to the so-called “anti-ghosting”. This function allows the pressing or processing of several keys at the same time, which is not possible with normal keyboards.

Other features of keyboards are palm rests for better ergonomics, exchangeable key caps, backlit keys, or a USB hub function. Source: Logitech press material

What technology is behind the button?

The built-in technology under the key is decisive for the stroke or keystroke. The keyboards supplied with complete PCs usually use inexpensive membrane technology. Here, a type of rubber nipple is used under the key, which presses two superimposed conductive foils together when the key is pressed and at the same time ensures a mostly quite spongy counter pressure, i.e. the stop.

Depending on the nature of the rubber, the key is then harder or easier to press, while the stroke is usually relatively long. Since this technique is very simple, it is mostly used in cheap keyboards.

The advantage is very quiet writing without annoying clicking. The big disadvantage is the durability, which is not exactly high due to wear and tear. It is possible that frequently used keys such as the “E” or the space bar have worn out after a few months and can no longer be pressed properly.

Mechanical keys with MX Blue switches The so-called scissor technology for keys is a bit more robust. Here the stroke is very short. Therefore, this technology is mostly used in notebook keyboards and desktop models with flat keys.

The keystroke is very pleasant And the typist gets good feedback, while typing is mostly quiet. Mechanical keys from the manufacturer Cherry are increasingly being installed in more expensive keyboards. Here, too, the stroke is very long, similar to membrane technology.

However, there is hardly any wear and tear on mechanical keys – manufacturers promise 20 to 50 million keystrokes. In addition, Cherry offers a choice of four different switch variants for the mechanical MX switches: Brown, for a pressure point similar to that of membrane keyboards – i.e. relatively soft and quiet.

The blue MX switches are even easier to press but offer both an acoustic click and a haptic signal when pressed as if the key were sagging. There are also the red and black MX switches, each of which can be pressed consistently, but differ slightly in resistance and do their work with a quiet click.

Especially gamers, but also prolific writers like to use keyboards with Cherry MX keys. A detailed description of the individual MX switches can be found in this article. In addition to the techniques mentioned, there are others, such as Alps switches and rubber domes, which, however, hardly play a role.

Our recommendations

We have divided our recommendations into five categories and will name three recommended suggestions per category. We focused on normal-sized, German-speaking desktop models with a USB port.

Keyboards with flat keys are similar to the keyboards found on notebook computers. Multimedia keyboards also have dedicated keys for the simplified operation of video and audio players.

If you prefer extremely robust keys, you should definitely use a mechanical keyboard. Although these are a bit more expensive, they can withstand a lot more and have a correspondingly longer service life.

Many manufacturers also offer a selection of different Cherry MX switches for the keyboards, which differ in terms of touch and click behavior. For people who don’t like cable, we have selected three wireless keyboards that also have to be operated with batteries – one even runs partly on solar power.

Last but not least, we give three recommendations for ergonomic keyboards, which should be better or healthier for the hand position due to their special design.

Keyboards with flat keys

With the Cherry KC 1000, you get a very good and simple keyboard for less than 20 euros. The very flat KC 6000 Slim keyboard, also produced by Cherry, is available in black or silver and costs about 30 euros over the counter. Main focus: Elegant design, pleasant keystrokes,s and quiet when typing.

The Logitech K280e also offers flat keys at a low price. CHERRY KC 1000 Wired Keyboard (JK-0800) Best offer of:12.19€incl. Shipping 234 other prices and providers Cherry KC 6000 Slim Best offer from: 32.95 € incl. Shipping 192 other prices and providers Logitech K280e German OEM (920-008669) Best offer from: 20.48 € incl.

Shipping 58 other prices and providers Can’t find the right keyboard? Here you will find all the models we have listed.

Multimedia keyboards

With a purchase price of fewer than 30 euros, the Cherry Stream is not only cheap, but it also offers some special keys, a very pleasant typing feel, and a simple, elegant design. RGB LED backlighting for five zones, splash protection, multimedia control, and programmable keys are available with the Logitech G213 Prodigy gaming keyboard for just under 50 euros.

The Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard not only has macro and multimedia keys on board but you are also even rewarded with RGB LED lighting. Cherry Stream Keyboard DE black (JK-8500DE-2) Best offer from:21,96€incl. shipping 70 more prices and providers Logitech G213 PRODIGY – RGB gaming keyboard Best offer from:51.99€incl.

Shipping 34 other prices and providers Logitech Signature K650 – Graphite – DEU – Central (920-010913) Best offer from: 43.77 € incl. Shipping 28 other prices and providers Can’t find the right multimedia keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards

At just under 50 euros, Sharkoon’s Skiller SGK30, which is available with two different switches, is one of the cheapest mechanical keyboards. For the price, you can hardly go wrong.

The popular Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum, which comes with RGB lighting, nine programmable keys, and a mobile app for smartphones specially developed for the keyboard, is significantly more expensive at over 110 euros. The Cherry MX Board 3. 0 S has two different Cherry MXs -Switches to choose from.

In addition, the price/performance ratio is really very good here. On top of that, the keyboard also offers RGB lighting. Sharkoon Skiller SGK30 best offer from: €42.99 incl. Shipping 42 other prices and providers Corsair Tas K100 RGB Best offer from: €229.95 incl.

Shipping 26 other prices and providers Roccat Vulcan 121 AIMO Best offer from: 119.90 € incl. Shipping 43 other prices and providers Can’t find the right mechanical keyboard?

Wireless keyboards

Wireless freedom doesn’t have to be expensive. This is shown by the compact Microsoft all-in-one keyboard, which is available for 26 euros. Particularly practical: it has a built-in touchpad for controlling the mouse, which invites you to surf the web on the sofa.

With a purchase price of 54 euros, the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard presents itself as an environmentally friendly wireless keyboard in standard desktop format with 13 special keys. The highlight, however, is the solar cells integrated on the top, which make changing the battery almost superfluous.

With the Logitech Wireless Illuminated K800 keyboard, you can even get backlighting for 75 euros, which can be adjusted in four stages. Inserted AA batteries can be easily charged here via the micro USB port.

Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard (N9Z-00008) Best deal of:31.56€incl. shipping 33 more prices and providers Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 black (920-002916) Best offer from: €58.99 incl.

Shipping 37 other prices and providers LOGITECH Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 (920-002360) Best offer from: 238.77 € incl. Shipping 12 other prices and providers Can’t find the right wireless keyboard?

Ergonomic keyboards

Perfect for hand-friendly work on the PC: With its curved shape, the Logitech K350 ensures a more natural hand position. The padded palm rest is also very comfortable. The wireless keyboard is attractively priced at 38 euros.

The Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard from Microsoft was specially developed for users with chronic wrist pain. It is priced at 53 euros. You can get this keyboard with a separate mouse and a numpad for 20 euros more.

However, due to the unfamiliar shape, you should allow for a somewhat longer period of acclimatization. Logitech K350 Wireless Keyboard (920-004484) Best offer of:51.58€incl. Shipping 35 other prices and providers MICROSOFT Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard For Business (5KV-00004) Best offer from: 77.90 € incl.

Shipping 34 more prices and providers MICROSOFT Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop (L5V-00008) Best offer from:81.90€incl. Shipping 36 more prices and providers Can’t find the right ergonomic keyboard?


In order to find the right keyboard, you have to think about what you want to use it for and which key types you prefer. If you are also clear about what additional equipment you should have, you can quickly and clearly find the right keyboard from the almost endless list of options, which makes working or playing on the PC easier and can increase productivity.

Basically, if you buy something new, you have to get used to it – this also applies to keyboards, of course. Every keyboard is different and feels different. It takes more than five or ten minutes to get used to this to be able to decide for sure if it’s not the right one after all.

If the new keyboard is then classified as a bad buy, you can claim the right of return from online retailers if necessary.

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