The biggest revolution in manufacturing since the assembly line

Introducing the Cloud Manufacturing Platform™ from Fast Radius

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Benefits of cloud manufacturing

The Fast Radius Cloud Manufacturing Platform provides powerful benefits similar to the benefits of cloud computing.


Design your parts leveraging centuries of engineering knowledge and make them in the factory of the future.


Use our global network of microfactories to access unlimited production capacity that scales up or down to meet shifts in demand.

Speed to market

Turn around prototypes and production parts in days instead of months with digital manufacturing.

Global Scale

Avoid supply chain disruption by producing parts wherever there is capacity.


Eliminate capital expenditure on expensive equipment and reduce carrying costs by storing parts in the cloud.


Expect quality parts from microfactories built to precisely control for thousands of production variables.

Inside the Fast Radius Cloud Manufacturing PlatformTM

See how our platform integrates design, production, and fulfillment to make manufacturing easy.

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Applications and services
Our platform provides specific solutions for external users and internal operations.

Operating system
Our software orchestrates the user experience and our internal workflows.

Digital thread and learning engine
Our learning engine analyzes the data we collect about every part we make, allowing us to continuously improve operations and make better parts.

Physical and digital infrastructure
Our microfactories around the world make parts and collect data.

Cloud manufacturing solutions

The Fast Radius Cloud Manufacturing Platform isn’t just about the future — it’s here now and ready for you to use. Fast Radius is building an ecosystem of cloud manufacturing solutions. Here are some you can access today:

On-Demand manufacturing. Proven volume production.

Globally competitive manufacturing, close to home.

Move your parts from brick and mortar to the cloud.

Making new things possible with cloud manufacturing

Engineer working on mechanical part

Satair uses Cloud Manufacturing to get grounded aircraft back in flight faster.

Front half of Curtiss One

Curtiss uses Cloud Manufacturing to scale production of their luxury electric motorcycles.

Rows of Fabuloso

Colgate-Palmolive uses Cloud Manufacturing to keep its bottling line running smoothly.

Person holding plastic part

Aptiv uses Cloud Manufacturing to produce serial automotive parts.

Manufacturing a more sustainable future

Cloud manufacturing can significantly reduce the environmental impact of making and moving goods around the world.

Materials and design

Cloud manufacturing enables customers to make choices about designs and materials that can lead to more sustainable parts.


Our Cloud Manufacturing Platform was built to be more effective and efficient. Our systems are constantly learning to optimize operations.

Supply chain

Cloud manufacturing makes supply chains shorter, reducing not only carbon emissions but also the environmental footprint of warehousing and obsolete parts.

Get started with cloud manufacturing

Ready to transform the way you make products? Talk to us today about how your business can benefit from cloud manufacturing.