Globally competitive manufacturing,
close to home

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The convenience of a regional factory with the benefits of a low cost overseas supplier

Doosan dvf 5000 machine

Custom Microfactory benefits

Location of your choice

We’ll build your factory proximate to demand for your parts.

Cutting-edge technology

Our expert team will help you select from the world’s most advanced manufacturing and automation systems.

Supply chain security

Avoid overseas logistics headaches and the changing tariff landscape by producing parts domestically.

Globally competitive pricing

Advanced automation and technology allow us to offer prices competitive to overseas megafactories.

Transparent operations

Digital integration gives you visibility onto the factory floor as if it were your own.

No capital expenditure

We own, operate, and maintain all equipment.

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Cargo ship in the sea

Mitigate supply chain risks

Build your factory close to your domestic operations to avoid supply chain disruptions that come with shipping parts around the world.

Wind turbine in the countryside

Reduce carbon footprint

Make parts close to where they’re needed to decrease emissions from shipping.

Yellow and black robotic arm

Optimize production

Use technology, floor layout, and automation flows to achieve low costs comparable to overseas production.

Delivery man holding packages

Improve lead times

Place your factory strategically so you can get your parts quickly.

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