Fast Radius Studio

Optimize your part design and explore production options with best-in-class tools

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Use Fast Radius Studio to explore and compare design, material, and production options for your parts at any stage in the quoting process.

Freedom to explore

Play around to see how your part could be made with a variety of processes and materials, all without having to initiate a quote

Comprehensive insights

Make better production decisions using our industry-leading design for manufacturability (DFM) checks, cost analyses, and material insights

Seamless transition into quoting

If you are ready for a quote, move your part into the quoting portal with just one click, while preserving your insights

Your parts made real

Get the insights you need to make rapid, reliable, and repeatable parts.


With best-in-class design checks and sophisticated insights into costing and material options, Fast Radius Studio gives you the freedom to explore production options for your parts without initiating a formal quote.

Best-in-class design

Use our DFM checks to identify and understand any issues with your additive, CNC, injection molding, and cast urethane designs

Extensive cost insights

Get price estimates, explore cost drivers, and see your price-per-part at different volumes

Detailed material analysis

Review key material properties like tensile strength and density to help guide your design decisions

At-a-glance process

Evaluate differences in cost, manufacturability, material options, and lead time between additive processes

Using Fast Radius Studio is simple

You can access these tools directly from your dashboard and seamlessly move into quoting when you’re ready.

Step 1


Upload your CAD file and choose your process and material options

Step 2


Explore DFM checks to understand and learn how to fix any design issues

Step 3


Discover your ideal part configuration by comparing process and material options

Step 4


If you’re ready for a quote, you can move into quoting without losing any insights

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