Carbon Digital Light Synthesis™ (Carbon DLS™) 3D printing service

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Carbon Digital Light Synthesis

What is Carbon DLS™?

Carbon DLS™ is a resin-based polymer process that uses light and heat to create parts with isotropic properties, complex geometries, and excellent surface finishes. DLS offers a wide range of production-grade materials, allowing engineers to build end-use parts right off the printer. Fast Radius’ Chicago factory is the largest public install-base of Carbon technology in North America.

We are certified in using the Carbon platform from design through production.

Producing parts with Carbon DLS™

General process information
M2 PrinterL1 Printer
Build Volume~189 x 118 x 326 mm
~7.4 x 4.6 x 12.8 in
~400 x 250 x 460 mm
~15.7 x 9.8 x 18.1 in
Minimum feature sizeMaterial dependent, typically:
~0.25 – 0.5 mm
~0.01 – 0.02 in
Material dependent, typically:
~0.25 – 0.5 mm
~0.01 – 0.02 in
Lead timeAs low as 3 business daysAs low as 3 business days
Carbon DLS™ materials
Elastomeric Polyurethane – EPU 40 and EPU 41Medical Polyurethane – MPU 100Silicone – SIL 30IND 405
Rigid Polyurethane – RPU 70 and RPU 130Epoxy – EPX 82Cyanate Ester – CE 221Urethane Methacrylate – UMA 90
Finishing/post-processing options
PaintingSmoothingPress-fit insertsBead blasting
Digital texturing

Let’s make your Carbon DLS™ parts.
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Steelcase chair

Making disruptive design possible

Steelcase wanted to innovate a high-end office chair with the possibility for mass customization. We helped them make something new and cut 90% of their product development cycle time.

Common Carbon DLS™ applications

Carbon DLS™ is often used for end-use parts because it produces high tolerances and smooth surface finishes. The speed of the Carbon DLS™ 3D printing process makes it an attractive option for rapid prototyping.

High-volume production runs

Cost-effective and quick production of small parts.

Foam replacement

Elastomeric lattice design enables custom mechanical responses.

Functional prototyping

Durable prototypes suitable for testing in real-world conditions.

Chemical and heat resistant parts

Materials that meet many functional and regulatory requirements.

Complex parts

Process allows geometries that would be impossible with other methods.

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