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From design to 一分钟极速赛车查询开奖记录-极速赛车官方开奖直播 delivery,
all in one place

We empower you to make and manage your parts, flexibly and cost effectively. It’s as simple as logging in.

Evaluate your part

Upload your file to explore and compare materials and costs. Instant DFM checks will help you identify issues early.

Quote and go

We’ll give you our best prices and lead times. When you’re ready, put your part straight into production.

Track every step

Follow your order in real-time from your dashboard. We’ll send you email updates right up to shipment.

Just hit re-order

Store all your parts with us digitally. Save as many as you like. They’re ready on demand when you need them.

Just Hit Reorder

Your parts made real

Get the insights you need to make rapid, reliable, and repeatable parts.

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A New Day is Here Globe

A new day is here:
Cloud Manufacturing
PlatformTM from Fast Radius

The next revolution in manufacturing is here and Fast Radius is leading the way.

We are trusted by

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Fast Radius and Carbon enabled us to additively manufacture Ford’s trailer-tow connector cap, greatly improving our time to market over traditional injection molding and paving the way for future innovations in our lower-volume part production.

Jerry Rhinehart Additive Manufacturing Technology Manager, Aptiv


Fast Radius reduced our cost to manufacture urethane parts by 62%, painting and finishing by 90% and 3D printing by 33%.

Alejandro Ramirez Lead Mechanical Engineer, Cobalt


We work with Fast Radius because they push us toward the cutting edge of manufacturing technology. We’re creating the most advanced motorcycles the world has ever seen, and Fast Radius is committed to making our vision a reality.

H. Matthew Chambers CEO and Chairman, Curtiss Motorcycles


Fast Radius enabled Bastian Solutions to make a truly innovative, advanced materials-handling robot unlike any on the market.

Ron Daggett Vice President of Technology and R&D


We make the most advanced drones in the world, with hundreds of computer processing elements and dozens of sensors —all enabled by cutting-edge AI, control systems, and software. Our customers expect extraordinary performance, and we expect the same from our partners.

Jeff Alholm CEO and Co-founder, Digital Aerolus


Airlines rely on us when it comes to on-time delivery of urgently needed parts, and to keep this promise we have to constantly challenge our supply chain and logistics setup.

Felix Hammerschmidt Head of Additive Manufacturing Solutions – ASYM

Words are good.
Examples are better.

Microfactories Macronetworks

168极速赛车开奖记录官网-1分钟极速赛车开奖查询网址 Microfactories, macro networks

Whatever your demand, we’re here to supply. That might mean making your parts in one of our regional microfactories or matching you with a vetted supplier from our global network. Either way, you can expect realistic prices, faster timelines and commercial-grade quality throughout.

Teaming up with the best

UPS, one of our earliest investors, helps us drive our vision: to empower everyone to design, make, and move what they need when and where they need it. Our factory in their Worldport facility gives you the power to manufacture parts and move them around the world with ease.

World Economic Forum

Factory of the future

The World Economic Forum named us one of the most advanced factories in the world. We’re leading the way in Industry 4.0 technology, to boost the speed and productivity of your operations. It’s all made possible by our Cloud Manufacturing Platform, at your fingertips 24/7.

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